December 2, 2016

The Persio Edit: We're In the Money

mobile-phone-money-banknotes-us-dollars-163069.jpegSo Black Friday and Cyber Monday went well—incredibly well. Analysis of a record-breaking holiday shopping weekend, plus the best retail and business news, after the jump.


Four Takeaways from Cyber Monday

Cough, it's Cyber Week, now, thank you very much. Also: retailers, it's time to upgrade your sites or find a better solution than 500 errors when your traffic blows up.

Black Friday Tops Online Sales Record

Online spending hit $3.3 billion this year, and 75% of shoppers who hit brick-and-mortar stores went on Black Friday—a 3.4% increase over the prior year. Not bad for a weak retail year. 

Black Friday Is Dead

Opinions, um, vary on Black Friday success this year. 

Amazon Accounts for Nearly 40% of Holiday Weekend Web Sales in the US

What can beat Amazon in sales? Only literally every other retailer put together. 



Snapchat Discover Publishers See Viewership Drop by a Third after Platform Tweaks

While advertisers look at Snap as the next big platform, there may be some kinks to work out. 

There's a 99 Percent Chance Your Fake Apple Charger Isn't Safe

Spend the extra $5 on the genuine article, or beware. 

The Best e-Commerce Practices Used by Top Digital Luxury Brands

Luxury brands have long avoided digital, but those that have embraced it used these strategies to align their digital channels with in-store experience. 

No Internet Connection? No Problem. Netflix Adds Offline Viewing

Catching up to Amazon, Netflix opens some of its vault—including its original programming—and allows downloads. 


Why Marketers Must Make an Emotional Connection in an Era of Discontent

One lesson from the divisive election? Emotional appeals make a difference in storytelling. 

How Disney Maintains a Strong Relationship With Its Millennial Audience

The stalwart produces 6,000 pieces of content a month and works hard to find the line between authenticity and gimmickry.