November 18, 2016

The Persio Edit: Bold Moves

strength-strong-toy-action-figure.jpgNordstrom doubles down on stores, Denny's wins the Internet, AirBnB becomes a travel agent, and more stories from this week.

Business / Tech 

Dominos Becomes the First to Deliver Pizza by Drone 

We'd invoke The Net again, but this involved delivering one pizza in New Zealand and required three months of planning. This may not sweep the nation. 

America Has the Technology to Go Cashless, But Nobody Trusts It Enough to Use It

Only 2% of Sweden's transactions use cash. But in the U.S., privacy concerns related to online safety and the government foster a deep mistrust of giving up the dollar dollar bills. 

With Trips, AirBnB Sets Out Its Grandest Plan Yet

The controversial home-sharing app branches out to offer curated travel experiences, amid legal challenges in New York and San Francisco.

The 7 Best Motivational Books of 2016 

Want to get a jumpstart on your resolutions? Start here. 


Nordstrom’s Big Department Store Bet

Despite movement away from department stores, and the brand's own struggles, Nordstrom plans to stay true to its vision. 

Trunk Club Losses Signal ‘Subscription Fatigue’

Nordstrom wins some, loses some. But in all seriousness: is this a surprise? Birchbox has seen similar struggles, particularly as American consumers continue to approach shopping as a research-laden journey that rewards experiences more than stuff. 

Wal-Mart Revenue Fizzles as E-commerce, Wage Costs Rise

Retail analysis is insane. This "fizzle" includes a whopping 20.6% increase in online sales and a 1.2% increase in same-store sales. Wal-Mart's going to be fine. 


Q&A: Denny's CMO John Dillon on Making 'America's Diner' and Grand Slams Appealing to Millennials

For years, Denny's has had the best Twitter feed of any American corporation. (Disagree? Come at us, bro.) Here, their CMO explains how their irreverent approach to social is bringing in a younger audience.  

Facebook's Miscalculated Metrics: What Marketers Need to Know

Big Blue announced they miscalculated some other metrics, including advertising metrics. They've taken steps to improve things, but coupled with the controversy over fake news, could Facebook be maybe just a little mortal?

3 Biggest Emerging Trends in Mobile Marketing as Told by Experts during Postback ’16

Prediction season is here! Mobile marketing experts lay out what they see coming in 2017: Snapchat, a crackdown on fraud, the convergence of apps and web and more.