November 11, 2016

The Persio Edit: App Battle

Are apps worth the investment? Other tech trends, m-commerce growth, and what retail can expect from President Trump. 

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Forecast: 75% of Internet Use Will Be Mobile Next Year

Phones are ubiquitious and that's what most consumers use. If you don't have a mobile strategy, well, to paraphrase Lucy Liu in Kill Bill, NOW'S THE TIME. 

The Five Major Tech Trends of 2016

End of year reflections have started—what tech trends do you think would make your list? 


Facebook Will Stop Some of Its Race-Based Ad Targeting

After a ProPublic investigation noted how Facebook's "ethnic affinities" targeting could violate federal law in advertising housing, jobs or anything credit-based, Big Blue is limiting advertisers' ability to target by race in those areas. 


What President Trump Means for Retailers

Though his administration is still taking shape, experts from NRF, RILA and other organizations evaluate what the president-elect's proposed policies will mean for the industry. 

Retailers Are Working to Change the Discount-Driven Shopping Culture

Given that their other choice is death, this is probably a good move. 

Clicks to Bricks: Online Retailers Find the Lure of the Store

90% of retail sales happen in stores. It's time to see the value in a brand experience, versus making sales channels compete against each other. Pure play e-commerce is learning this. 

Study Says Only 8 Percent of Shoppers Use Retailer Apps. Should They Give Up?

On finding another way to say "Yes" versus writing off something that's not working. 

Native Apps Are Doomed. 

Another perspective.

Be Prepared: mCommerce Stats to Keep You Ahead of the Pack


These nine charts can help you see the future.


11 Battle-Tested Ways to Raise Your SEO Click-Through Rate

Practical advice you should follow, because SEO still matters. 

4 Tips for Crafting a Valuable SMS Marketing Campaign

We know SMS—and this is the great advice on how to do it.