February 2, 2016

How You Can Double Your Mobile Opt-Ins in Three Hours a Week

This strategy really works—just ask our clients. 

gametime_thumbnail.pngOne of our clients, a large sporting goods retailer with a strong MMS marketing program, came to us with a challenge. They operate more than 200 stores in the Southeast and offer a wide range of products for college sports fans. How could they use this loyalty to drive business? Persio had a plan—and it took our clients just three hours a week to see the exciting results. 

The Approach: In-Game Advertising. 

Persio's Customer Success team created a three-step plan designed to boost the mobile marketing lists, grow email marketing lists, and segment this new group of customers. And it all began with SEC games. 

  • The client bought ad space during home games for the two schools that represented their most popular SEC products, buying a display ad in the program and flashing messages on the Jumbotron. The message offered a $10 coupon to anyone who signed up for a mailing list.
  • When spectators signed up for the list, they received a message prompting them to enter their email to get a code—linking email and mobile together, allowing the retailer to link together behavioral data.
  • After submitting their email and receiving their $10 coupon, subscribers received a message asking them to select their favorite from among five categories.

The campaign ran during eight home football games. What was the score? Well, the home team didn't always win, but our client did: 

  • 20% opt-in rate
  • An average of 8,000 new mobile numbers and email addresses per game 
  • ...and more

You can find the full story—including all of the campaign results and how we did it—in the case study