August 1, 2015

Case Study: Express Passbook of Savings

Express_PBOS_Message_2Screen_Shot_2015-07-28_at_10.43.38_AMWhat was the objective?

For several years, EXPRESS had featured a paper coupon book for the Black Friday holiday to entice shoppers with timely deals. However, after picking up the coupon book they found that customers often forgot to use their deals or lost the offers by the time they made it back to the store. EXPRESS wanted to mobilize the coupon book to solve this problem for its customers.

What did we do?

- We re-formatted paper offers into eight (8) mobile messages 
- Intelligent Handset Detection enabled us to learn the capabilities of each receiving device before sending the message. For example, iPhone users received messages with links to download the offers to Passbook.
- The offers also included links to pre-populated calendar downloads so recipients could be alerted when each offer was ready to use
- Recipients could share the entire experience with their friends on social
media by clicking a third link in the message

Screen_Shot_2015-07-28_at_10.44.02_AM_1Screen_Shot_2015-07-28_at_10.44.10_AM_1What were the results ?

The mobile Passbook of Savings revolutionized the experience for users. 11% of iPhone recipients downloaded the offers via Passbook and EXPRESS saw an average of 15% sales conversion for all participants