November 16, 2016

How One Brand's Mobile Advent Calendar Drove 10% Growth

HolidayCampaigns.pngThis clever campaign engaged 75,000 customers for 25 days straight. 

The holiday season is here, and that means retailers are bringing their best campaigns to entice shoppers into their stores throughout November and December. One of our clients, a discount department store, used an Advent calendar for their mobile messaging. Over the course of 25 days, they engaged 75,000 subscribers—and grew their mobile list by 10,000.

A campaign such as this is a significant undertaking—producing 25 days of engaging content, including video and games, is no small task. But it can bring great dividends. In addition to driving engagment and growing subscribers, our client used their Advent calendar campaign to:

  • Drive store traffic
  • Connect two first-party IDs
  • Learn customer birthdays
  • Find their customer's location 
  • Determine a customer's preferred home store.

Planning something similar? Consider this sample messaging for your own Advent or 12 Days of Christmas campaign.

Day 1: Kick Off Your Campaign

The holidays are almost here! Who is at the top of your list? 

a) My girl
b) My guy
c) My kids
d) My BFF
e) Myself

Respond with recommended products based on their shopping needs. Going forward, build their priorities into a segment strategy—send offers for children's products for those who reply with "My Kids," for example.

Day 5: Get Yourself Something

Tired of shopping for everyone else? Enter to win a gift basket for us—just reply with your email address!

Now you've linked two first party IDs for this subscriber — mobile and email. 

Day 11: Entertain Your Guests

Hosting for the holiday? Plan dinner out before or on Christmas Day! Text us your zipcode, and we'll send a list of restaurants in your area. 

Collect location information for your subscribers and help them out by recommending a hot spot in their area. Bonus—you can tie these shoppers to a home store location! 

Day 17: Wrap It Up 

Have a few things left on your list? Visit <home store> on <Date> for free gift wrapping! 

Drive store visits and add a little extra holiday magic with a festive store event.

Day 21: Birthday Party

Birthstones make a great gift. Tell us your date of birth, and we'll tell you your birthstone!

Collect DOB and know when to celebrate customer birthdays in the next year.

Day 25: Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas! Spread the joy with a 20% off coupon you can share with friends. 

Let your subscribers refer new users! Send a link with an opt-in form requiring mobile number  and email. Now you've identified a loyal brand advocate and gained another subscriber.

'Tis the Season

The ten biggest shopping days in the year are expected to take place between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, so customers are already ready to engage with your brand. Using messages like these,  With sprinkled in alongside typical content like videos, scratch-off campaigns, and special offers, you can replicate our client's success and set yourself up for an even stronger 2017. 

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